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“I wish i have more luxury jewelry"

by Meimay duan on August 11, 2019


Luxury jewelry is usually available. You can get more luxury jewelry if it takes more time and money.

But you're probably not wearing all the jewelry you've got.

I'm guessing what you meant was, "I wish I got more other's admiration," You want to feed the vanity.

And that, unfortunately, what others admire you is not what you have, but what you are. 
If you have enough confidence, you will not care about something outside, and you will know how to be yourself. Maybe you love custom jewelry, and Possibly you're confident to wear your name necklace for any occasion. And I guess that you love more handmade jewelry. Because you're looking too much inward rather than outward labeled the price, you love all involve the emotion.

Confidence isn't getting to come from more luxury pieces. It's worth focusing more on what goes on inside.

Accept and love anything about you, whether it's good or bad. Based on this, then improve, which is the best way to make yourself better.