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Custom Signet Rings With Unique Significance and Prominence

by Meimay duan on July 24, 2019

Have you ever seen men wearing an engraved ring on their pinky or ring finger?  Yes! It’s a signet ring. Among the various types of rings for both men and women, the signet ring has seized its significance and meaning. From thousands of years, signet rings have been an important part of men’s fashion accessory. The rings originated in Rome and were worn by the men high positions. Signet rings designs are based on engraved or raised symbol, signature, letter or series of words that make them stand apart from the other rings.  It could be the name, initial, organization or family crest or job title that belongs to the wearer in some way.

Signet ring can be worn by anyone. It has become like a fashion statement or family heirloom handed from one generation to the next one as a sign of memory and love.  For example, a grandfather gifts his signet ring to his son and he may present it to his son in the future to keep the tradition alive in the family. The signet bands are also used to carry forward the name of generation such as you can see the people who wear signet rings with their family name initials.

Signet rings serve a purpose 

Many stores offer signet rings and get them engraved with anything. There are exclusive signet rings available for men and women. Some couples purchase signet rings as a sign of their romance, friendship or relationship.  Although gold and silver are two materials usually used for these rings but now you can find the signet rings with gems and diamonds also. You have the option to buy readymade signet rings or you can customize it as per your preference to make it look unique and special. 

At jewellrygo.com, we bring to you exclusive collection of signet rings that we can personalize for you according to your exact specifications. We allow you to create your custom piece of signet rings with your name, wedding date, birth date or words that really inspire you.  Currently, you can check out the two beautiful designs of signet rings in our collection.

  • Women Signet Rings

It’s a beautiful handcrafted ring that can be personalized with the name of couples. These are made of the best solid 925 silver materials and feature two names in an appealing and attractive script font.

  • Custom Signet Rings, Year Rings Design

It is a classic men name ring in our custom signet ring varieties that you can personalize as per your choice. This is one of the trending jewelry pieces that you can personalize with your choicest name or word.

At Jewellerygo.com, we are backed by the talented team of jewelry designers who use latest jewelry designing techniques to create custom jewelry pieces with outstanding finishing work. Apart from signet rings, we also offer a wide range of custom jewelry pieces including Engraved Photo Necklace, Custom Name Bracelets, Personalized Couple Name Ring, Bling Jewelry and many more. We are dedicated to providing fast and flexible services that will enable you to create and order your own custom jewelry online.